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About Us

Quality Reality Based Entry-Level and Advanced Security Training, Firearms Training, First-Aid Training and much more taught
by a State Certified Instructor.

Meet The Director

King Rhodes

Security Specialist | Training Director | Head Instructor

King Rhodes is the CEO & Founder of Strategic Defense, LLC.  He is a former USMC NCO, Special Security Forces, and Marksmanship Instructor with an extensive background in the Private Security arena including but not limited to Physical Security and Force Protection. Mr. Rhodes is a DCJS Certified Instructor; DCJS Certified Firearms Instructor;  Fairfax County Office of Emergency Management – Community Chaplain; and is the Sr. Pastor of His Church International Christian Center –

Our Story

Strategic Training Academy is the training arm of Strategic Defense, LLC. that offers Quality Reality-Based Services taught by a Qualified State Certified Instructor. Our services include but are not limited to the Private Security Entry-level, Advanced Level, and In-Service training, firearms training, risk assessments, active shooter training, first aid training, emergency procedures, and more. The objective of Strategic Training Academy, LLC., is to consistently provide state-of-the-art Quality Reality-Based Training to its students and organizations at large. Every effort is made to ensure the training content is in accordance with State Laws and valid in terms of currently accepted practices and procedures of the Department of Criminal Justice Services, Private Security, Military, and the Law Enforcement community. For more information, please contact us.

We can also train your personnel at your location. A minimum of (5) students and a (2) two weeks minimum notification prior to the class is required. Please contact us for details at 703-462-0714 or CONTACT US.

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