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Risk Management

Risk Management Services

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Consulting, Comprehensive Risk Assessments, and Conflict Management

to help organizations mitigate risk and liability.


Strategic Defense holistic security consulting services include current and emerging threat assessments, policy
review and development, and strategic planning.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

When you own or operate any kind of physical environment today, preventing bad things from happening is one of your main responsibilities. Risk priorities may change, businesses evolve, and even protective solutions put in place have an impact on the situation itself. Comprehensive Risk Assessments are great tools for organizational decision makers. By providing you with a foundation of information about your organization, how it operates, and identify concerns you may have, we assess relevant aspects of your organization and provide an overview of current operational protocols, physical structure, security, and personnel to identify where potential liabilities and other forms of risk factors may exist within the organization and provide professional recommendations on how to minimize those risk. Strategic Defense is not just prepared to recommend ways to mitigate risk and liability, but we offer direct services to your organization such as active shooter training, first aid training, background investigations, emergency procedures, and more.

Conflict Management

Strong conflict management skills are an advantage in most positions, as conflict is virtually impossible to avoid. It is human nature to disagree, and disagreements are healthy when approached correctly. There is and always will be a percentage of conflict that can’t be peacefully resolved with just talk. Unfortunately, even those stakeholders that affirm this truth still don’t trust their own security personnel to effectively use physical conflict resolution strategies to successfully resolve field conflict. These stakeholders don’t see the business value of allowing their security personnel let alone even having one to physically intervene to resolve field conflict, but instead rely on the police. Nevertheless, personal, and corporate success depends on how well they manage and resolve interpersonal field conflict. 

Nonphysical, communicative-based conflict resolution strategies are generally effective only when applied to passive-aggressive subjects at the initial stage of conflict but not at higher levels of conflict.  Attempts to resolve conflict without considering the unique conflict dynamics that exist between the involved parties may lead to the premature use of higher levels of force and physical injuries. The conflict dynamics are the social-psychological conditions that exist between the conflicted parties at the time that conflict resolution strategies are introduced into the interaction.

The aim for organization and professionals in the workplace should not be to avoid conflict, but to resolve it in an effective manner. Strategic Defense aim to help Organizations and Professionals develop strong conflict resolution skills that can effectively handle workplace issues.