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Risk Management

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Consulting, Comprehensive Risk Assessments, and Conflict Management to help organizations mitigate risk and liability.



By partnering together, we help identify risks and red flags early, giving you a greater chance to intervene before a potential crisis occurs. A key objective with every organization is to identify vital information on the risk of violence and recommend how to manage the circumstance with your own resources. This includes engaging us to conduct a formal behavioral threat assessment or intervention through other tactics such as psychological evaluations of risk. Strategic Defense Holistic Security Consulting services include current and emerging threat assessments, policy review and development, and strategic planning. All of these services help companies, government agencies, and individuals reduce their exposure to risk, prevent chaos in a crisis, and capitalize on business opportunities.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

The tremendous risk exposure resulting from successful attacks and globalization of threats continue to make security an issue. When you own or operate any sort of business or organization, preventing bad things from happening is one of your main responsibilities. Security should be proportionate with its risks. However, the determination of which security controls are appropriate and cost effective is quite often a complicated and sometimes subjective matter. One of the prime functions of security risk assessment is to make this process more objective. Security risks at a specific location are identified and communicated, along with appropriate solutions. A risk assessment is applicable in any environment where people and/or assets are at risk for a security related incident or event that may result in death, injury, or loss of an asset. Strategic Defense’s (SD) objective is to assist organizations in identifying key foundational information about their organization, how it operates, and identify concerns they may have. SD also provides an overview of current operational protocols, physical structure, security, and personnel to minimize potential liabilities and other forms of risk factors that may exist within the organization.

Conflict Management

Strong conflict management skills are an advantage in most positions, as conflict is virtually impossible to avoid. It is human nature to disagree, and disagreements are healthy when approached correctly. There is and always will be a percentage of conflicts that can’t be peacefully resolved with dialogue alone. Unfortunately, even those stakeholders that affirm this truth still don’t trust their own security personnel to effectively use physical conflict resolution strategies to successfully resolve field conflict. These stakeholders don’t see the business value of allowing their security personnel, let alone even having personnel to physically intervene, to resolve field conflict. Instead they rely on their employees or the police. Nevertheless, personal and corporate success depends on how well they manage and resolve interpersonal field conflict. The aim for organizations and professionals in the workplace should not be to avoid conflict, but to resolve it in an effective manner. Strategic Defense’s objective is to provide solutions that can help Organizations and Professionals develop strong conflict resolution skills that can effectively manage workplace issues. 

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